Zhou Shaiyan

Arrogant Philosophocrat


Level: 1


Strength: 11 Modifier: + 0 Check: 10 +
Dexterity: 17 Modifier: + 2 Check: 4 +
Constitution: 14 Modifer: + 1 Check: 7 +
Wisdom: 16 Modifier: + 2 Check: 5 +
Intelligence: 17 Modifier: + 2 Check: 4 +
Charisma: 16 Modifier: + 2 Check: 5 +


  1. I was born and raised as the second son of a Xilongese guild factor; a silk and textile merchant.
  2. After receiving top marks at the Great Examinations, I sought and gained admittance to the Academy of Thought in the Bronze Collegium, attaining the rank of Archmage after fifteen years of study.
  3. I have spent the last decade in and out of the Raktine Confederacy, meddling on behalf of the Fraternal Order of Rationed Thought, of which I am a member.


Base: 15 Modifier: -1 Final: 14 +
Base: 15 Modifier: -2 Final: 13 +
Base: 15 Modifier: -2 Final: 13 +
Armour: Silk robes, light reliquary armour, armour class 5
Armour: Body of the Sun, armour class 1 (sighted foes only)
Maximum Hit Points: 9


Long Knife
Attribute: Dexterity
Attack Bonus: + 3
Damage: 1d6 + 2

Burning Light
Attribute: Dexterity
Attack Bonus: + 3
Damage: 1d10 + 2

Fray Die: 1d8


Effort: 2
Influence: 2
Dominion: 0 Earned per Month: 0
Wealth: 0

Divine Powers

The Omniscient Scholar
Excision of Understanding

Fashioning a Friend
Follow the Threads

Body of Burning Light

Magical Traditions

Academy of Thought: Archmage


Shaiyan was a merchant’s son in the Dulimbai Regency. Growing up, he was taught the ins and outs of trade, commerce and corruption. Acquiring the blessings of the junzi was never a cheap endeavour. Fortunately, as a guild factor Shaiyan’s father was not only able to keep his business operating despite heavy wartime taxes, he was able to give his sons the best education available to one of his class. Resultantly Shaiyan excelled at the Great Examinations, accepted to the Bronze Collegium even without the customary bribe.

While studying at the Collegium, Shaiyan grew enamoured with the great philosophies. He was particularly drawn to the concepts espoused by the great Feng Ruolan, of the primary drive to power embodied in great men, and women. It was around this time he learned of and sought admittance to the atheistic Academy of Thought, with whom he studied mysteries and theories both mundane and obscene.

Fifteen years Shaiyan studied, attaining archmage status in an astoundingly short time. During this time his personal philosophy grew in to an assurance of dominance and wisdom over lessor folk. This led him, shortly after attaining the rank of Master, to be invited to join the Fraternal Order of Rationed Thought, a secret society in the Academy that served as both secret police and covert agency. The opportunity to bend organisations to his will suited Shaiyan just fine.

Shaiyan threw himself in to his role with the Order, focussing particularly on the Raktine Confederacy. Over the course of a decade Shaiyan cultivated local contacts and suborned magistrates and voivodes across the southern border, taking the opportunity to retrieve any local artefacts an ancient tombs for the Academy halls. Amongst those he met, and grew fond of, was the great monster-hunter Zigmond Varga.

Like many Academicians, study remained Shaiyan’s first calling. Shaiyan was in the hills of central Raktine during a great solar eclipse, seeking to measure the forces that hold the sun in the sky, when the Sun reached back down through his apparatus and in to him. The worlds of knowledge, light and passion were bared to him in the sun’s grim light, and he was made aghast at how far humanity had fallen.

Now blessed but understandably on less firm ground in the secular ranks of his home country, he has realised he will need to seek his own path. He’s currently toying with the idea of setting an offshoot of the Academy up in a suitable town, creating a symbiotic relationship that adheres to his interpretations of philosophy and whose people worship their betters for the knowledge and innovation brought to them in return. Whether the townspeople or leaders themselves wish to host this experiment or not is of less importance.

Zhou Shaiyan

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